Utilizing Enhanced Visibility

With the myriad of standard high visibility options today that one can find on a jobsite or being used in an industrial and warehouse environment, how can you quickly ascertain who is a new hire, safety manager, security, responsible for I.T., visitor, company representative, crane signaler, medic, engineer, or even standard roles such as superintendent… you can’t.

So, based on feedback from industry professionals, we designed the EV Series in a range of colors to aid in identifying jobs on the worksite.

Color identification by trade, occupation or task

  • Allows organizations to communicate quickly with different job functions.
  • Reduces exposure of personnel to a variety of hazards (i.e., Only certain colors allowed in certain areas).
  • Manage the workforce more efficiently.

Ensure you’re spotted day and night

Enhanced Visibility Vests - ML Kishigo
Enhanced Visibility Vest Pockets - ML Kishigo
Enhanced Visibility - Chest Radio with Pocket - ML Kishigo
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