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We’re excited to share the launch of our cooling accessories line. With summer around the corner, these innovative accessories help keep hardworking men and women like you stay cool when the sun gets high. 


Removable Brisk Shoulder Cooling Insert
Hard Hat Nape Protector - Brisk Cooling - ML Kishigo
Hard Hat Nape Protector - Brisk Cooling - ML Kishigo

Evaporative Cooling Technology

As with all of our products, we’ve developed these products to keep you safe and comfortable on site using high-quality materials like HyperKewl. HyperKewl uses evaporative cooling technology in its fabric to create cooling temperatures that are 10-20° cooler than the ambient temperature. Plus, it’s activated simply by submerging the gear in water and can last up to 5-10 hours.

So when the day heats up, ensure you’ve got ML Kishigo’s new accessories to keep you cool. They’re lightweight, durable, and ready to help you tackle your next job.

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